Glaziers in the Nelson and Tasman region. Even modern, well insulated homes are still losing up to 50% of their heat through single-glazed windows.

New building standards now mean new homes will be fitted with double glazing recognising that single-glazed windows are notoriously poor at any insulation as single glass panels transfer cold very easily, reducing the temperature inside, thus requiring a greater amount of energy to maintain a comfortable temperature.

Our glazier can install high-performance double glazing which can significantly reduce heat loss, and make for a warmer, drier, healthier home for you and your family.

Double glazed windows will help keep generated heat inside, keeping your home at a more consistent temperature – cutting down your power costs.

Our glazier also does repairs, mirrors, kitchen splashbacks, glass balustrades, frameless showers, privacy glass, safety glass, marine glass, auto glass including caravans and heavy machinery, and aluminium retrofit double glazing to existing joinery.