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Trade Central Painting can provide you with all of your painting needs, from minor jobs to complete interior and exterior painting.

Nelson and Tasman’s preferred painters and decorators

Looking for professional painters and decorators in the Nelson and Tasman region? We’ve got you covered! We provide high quality, efficient painting and decorating services for both interior and exterior paint jobs.

How our painting process works

1. Initial

The first thing your painting specialist will want to know is what it is that you want to achieve. In this initial consultation, you can throw all of your ideas on the table – your specialist will then tailor them to your property and budget.

2. Costing &

Your painting expert will prepare a detailed and thorough quote or estimate for you. Your proposal will include a full breakdown of the costings as well as a roadmap to completing your painting project.

3. Painting

Witness your project transition from paper to your property! Every aspect of the project will be managed for you, allowing you to carry on with your everyday life. Your specialist will do everything in their power to keep your project on schedule.

4. Your Finished

The final stage. Your Project Manager will walk you through your finished project to make sure you are 100% satisfied with the result! Then you sign-off the work and enjoy the finished result.

Our team of painting professionals are experts at choosing the perfect colour and tone to bring out the best in your home, adding warmth, vibrancy and ambience to your internal living spaces.

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Choosing the right paint is essential to protect the integrity of your home. We’ll help you select the product that’s right for your home to ensure a lasting quality finish you’ll enjoy for years to come.

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The roof of your home must be resilient against every condition, from wild winter storms through to the UV intensity of sunshine in our Nelson and Tasman Region. We use the highest quality roof paint to provide protection in all seasons.

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Pool painting

The paint in your pool should be resilient to chlorine, sunlight and more – and choosing the right colour paint creates a pool that always feels fresh and inviting. Talk to our team of experts for advice!

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Our professional painters are skilled in special and industrial surface coatings. Talk to us about your specific requirements and let us customise a painting solution for you that delivers exactly what you need.

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Wallpapering is a specific skill and our team are trained and experienced in applying wallpaper to perfection. No bubbles or creases, just a smooth and lasting finish that you’ll enjoy looking at every day.

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Delivering a high-quality, professional and long-lasting paint finish every time

Our expert painting team are experienced and highly skilled, offering professional home painting for brand new homes, rental properties, polythene floors, renovations and light commercial work. We also provide water blasting and house washing, ensuring every home is finished to perfection.

Interior Painting

The colour, quality and finish of your home’s interior paint all work together to create a sense of style and ambience in your home.

Our team of professional painters will help you select the perfect colour match to suit the interior of your home, and your lifestyle.

All our interior painting jobs are completed on time and to the highest standard, and we’re available to you throughout the process.

Home renovations
House Renovation

Exterior Painting

Maintaining the integrity of your home’s exterior paint is essential for the future of your home.

When it’s time to paint the exterior of your home, we’d love to help you choose the right colour and finish, with the high UV exposure of the Nelson and Tasman region in mind.

We’ll prepare the surface properly so the new colour looks great for many years to come.

Industrial Surfaces

We’re highly skilled in special surfaces and unique finishings.

Many of our clients request high quality, industrial-strength flecked surface in their garages or warehouses, where their high-value vehicles reside.

Our experienced painting team are adept at the correct application of specialist surfaces and we can provide guidance to find the right solution for your special painting job.

Colour Matching

We’re experts at colour matching and patch painting. If there’s an unsightly patch on your wall, or you have a specific paint job that requires special attention, talk to us.

We work with special requests regularly, including corrections after repair work has been done, and restoring paintwork to original condition where appliances or furniture have been removed.

Talk to our team and we’ll find the right paint, and the right painter, for your special job.

Expert colour & design advice

Our painters also have the expertise and experience to discuss your colour selections with you and explain the merits of different gloss levels in order to leave you with a great job that will last for many years.

Our painting teams can also do wallpapering, and we have a very experienced wallpapering specialist for patterned papers.

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Just had my bathroom done up by these guys. Just wanted to say thank you so much. What an awesome job. So stoked. Very professional. Great communication. Will definitely be using you guys again and will be recommending to friends. And also thank you to the electrician who made a house call in the weekend to replace a switch.

Shelly Carroll