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Fast, Friendly & Reliable Nelson Plumbing Services

Getting your plumbing right is crucial – at best its messy and at worst dangerous when things aren’t done right. Call the Nelson plumbers that can diagnose and fix any issue quickly.

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The trusted Nelson plumbers that can fix anything. Small or large jobs, our top-rated Nelson plumbers know how to get it done right!

If you are looking for a Nelson plumber, then new building work, installing new systems, renovations, re-plumbing old systems and emergency repairs to water supply and sewage pipes are just some of the jobs we tackle on a daily basis.

We also cover the wider Tasman region including Richmond, Stoke, Brightwater, Mapua and the wider region.

We take real pride in our reputation here at Trade Central and are serious about making sure that our friends and neighbours throughout the Nelson community are always able to use the best plumbing services available day or night, emergency or otherwise.

When your drains are blocked, your hot water system has stopped working or water is rushing through your home, give us a call.

Our clients trust us to come as quickly as possible, any time of day or night, but they also trust that we are going to solve the problem quickly.

How our experienced team Nelson plumbers and plumbing experts can help:

  • General plumbing services

  • Commercial and domestic plumbing

  • Fix leaking or cracked pipes

  • Pipe re-lining services

  • Toilet and tap repairs

  • Hot water systems

  • Fixing blocked drains and pipes
  • Backflow prevention and maintenance
  • Water filter replacement and servicing

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When we experience a plumbing problem, it can be very frustrating. Our water systems contribute to the comfort and sanitation levels that any home offers, even a minor problem can be difficult to contend with.

When this type of situation occurs, calling in the plumbing professionals is the best option.

No problem is too big or too small for our skilled team of Nelson plumbers to handle, and we pride ourselves on giving you an honest and straight-forward experience even when emergencies occur.

Nelson Plumber

If you have a plumbing emergency, our team of Nelson plumbers are available for after-hours callout services at very competitive rates.

A favourite with some older Nelson houses, or those on a hill, is poor water pressure.

We’d like you to get out of the shower feeling great even when someone else in the house turns the tap on.

Boosting water pressure is usually a straightforward job, and in many cases can be completed for less than $1,000.

Our team of Nelson plumbers are also experienced in installing and maintaining solar hot water systems, hot water tanks, kitchen, bathroom and laundry work.

Our staff’s plumbing work meets the requirements of the Plumbers Gas Fitters and Drainlayers Board for Certification.

A note of appreciation for the services  the plumber, not only for the prompt response to our call but the valuable advice. In particular, the plumber made an effort to attend to the urgency of our call even though it was late in the evening. Great service. Thanks.

Nanai and Christina Naseri

Experienced & Certified Nelson Plumbers

Our expert Nelson plumbers can be at your home or office in a jiffy to discuss your plumbing requirements.

Nelson Plumbers

Hot Water Pressure Service

Most new homes are built with mains water pressure for hot and cold water however, a large number of homes built prior to the turn of the century operate with unequal water pressure.

An unequal water pressure system is one which has cold water pressure that is much higher than hot water pressure. This causes mixing issues, particularly in the shower, where you tend to notice it the most.

The easiest way for you to determine if you have unequal pressure in your home is to look at the hot water cylinder.

If it says “Low Pressure” then you will most likely have unequal water pressure in your home. The other way is to turn the mixer onto full cold and compare the water flow rate with how fast the water flows when you turn it to the full hot position.

If there is a difference, then you will have unequal water pressure. There is a range of solutions, so give us a call and we can schedule our Nelson plumbers to consult with you for the best solution to your circumstances.

Emergency Plumbers Nelson

Dux Qest Piping Nelson

Dux Qest was introduced in the mid – late 1970’s as one of the first plastic plumbing products to replace copper plumbing, and is notorious for spontaneously failing and causing leaks throughout homes – this is one product you do not want in your home.

Within 10 years the product hit the headlines as it began to fail in homes across New Zealand.

Dux Qest is black in colour and can be difficult to distinguish from other black polybutylene plumbing. The tell-tale sign is that you can often find “Qest Dux” written in white on the pipe, however this has been known to rub off so it is not always reliable way of identifying the plumbing.

The product has caused so many problems across New Zealand that many insurance companies are now refusing to cover any damage resulting from the splitting and leaking of these pipes. Our strong recommendation is to have all your Dux Qest replaced as soon as possible to avoid further damage to your walls and framing if a pipe fails. Call us for a quote and we can get one of our Nelson plumbers out to you fast!

Local Plumbers

Leaking Toilet Cisterns

While we sometimes tolerate a leaking toilet cistern for a long time, the cumulative effect is to significantly increase your water bill over a period of time.

Sometimes the fix can be easy, and at other times the entire cistern mechanism needs to be replaced. Either way, it’s better to get the repair done earlier rather than later to avoid those high water bills.

If, when your home was built, an in-wall cistern was installed, it may be necessary to open up the wall to complete the repair.

Fortunately, we have gib stoppers and painters within the same team, so we can handle the entire job for you.

Call our team of Nelson plumbers who are experts at fixing leaking toilet cisterns.

Reliable Plumbers

Leaking Water Mains

Old pipes, earthquakes, land subsidence, heavy vehicle traffic, tree roots and a raft of other factors can create problems with underground water mains, and we would find ourselves repairing or replacing someone’s water main pipes every week of the year.

Sometimes, when owners have had multiple leaks repaired over a number of years, it’s more economic to replace the entire water main pipe rather than continuing to call your local plumbers out to repair sections of the pipe.

In addition, there will be higher water bills to cover if the leaks continue unabated for some time.

If it has been necessary to dig up your driveway to replace or repair the pipe, we can also reseal or re-concrete the driveway and ensure it looks nice again.

Tasman Plumbers

Blocked Drains

Stormwater, greywater (from your sinks), and sewer line pipes that get blocked are a normal part of the working day for our Nelson plumbers and Nelson drainlayers.

There are a variety of causes – a collapsed pipe due to heavy vehicle traffic or tree roots, foreign objects becoming lodged in the pipes, and we have the machinery to be able to clear the pipes if it’s tree roots or foreign objects that can be dislodged. If we need to replace some or all of the drains, we can deploy a drain camera to ensure we don’t dig unnecessarily.

Please ensure that you don’t put wet wipes or sanitary pads down the toilet – they will eventually block the pipes and then you will need to call us.


Sink Mixers

Kitchen and bathroom taps and showers can have mixers – a single tap which blends both hot and cold water, and the water comes out a single spout.

Older homes may have a tap each for hot and cold. There are tasteful ways of changing the tapware to a single mixer for greater convenience.

Do mixer taps reduce the water pressure? Yes it will make a difference. Mixer taps will have smaller more restrictive pipes on them so flow will be reduced compared to separate taps, you want all the bore you can get for a decent flow.

If a mixer has failed, if we can fix it we will, but sometimes the best solution is to replace the mixer cartridge.

Nelson Plumbers FAQs

Generally, it is the heating element and/or the thermostat that has failed.

That’s an electrician’s job. If it’s the element, it normally takes between one to two hours to drain the cylinder, replace the element, and refill the cylinder.

At the same time, the electrician will test the thermostat to make sure it’s functioning properly.

My hot water cylinder element is fine, but I’m still not getting the water that’s very hot coming from the hot tap.

There’s a variety of causes but generally, we are able to solve the problem within an hour – possibly two.

Particularly over summer, insects climb down the overflow vent that sticks up above your roof and gets lodged in the hot water tank.

Over time they end up being carried through the plumbing system and sometimes get stuck in the showerhead.

We will remove and clean the showerhead, and also put a filter on top of your hot water tank overflow pipe so insects can’t get in.

In Nelson, there are many homes at high elevation that struggle to get good mains pressure.

Normally we can boost your water pressure for just under $1000, which should give you a delightfully high-pressure shower throughout the year.

Sadly, yes. It’s not a great product and on a regular basis, we will get calls from customers who have had the pipe split in the wall cavity, causing problems with the timber framing and walls.

This becomes even more of a hazard if it occurs when you’re away from the house for an extended period of time.

We are frequently called to re-pipe a house with modern piping to avoid the likelihood of damage caused by faulty pipes. We can quote a full re-pipe for you.

All our visits have a minimum charge of one hour – by the time our plumber has driven to your property, got his tools and parts from the van, done the job and packed up again, it’s an hour that we don’t have him available for another customer.

However, if the job is a quick one, we suggest you get him to attend to, on the same visit, any other plumbing jobs you may have been saving for a while.

Even if it’s replacing washers on other taps, including your outside taps.

Yes, each of the plumbers on our team are either Registered or Certifying plumbers as required by the NZ Plumbers, Gasfitters and Drainlayers Board.

We do not employ an apprentice or unregistered plumbers.

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I am writing to let you know, that I was VERY happy with the way Ivan the plumber approached the problem of my water leak/meter ticking over very slowly all the time. He listened to me, and checked what I was saying was correct. Recorded the water meter reading. Then explained his step by step process of determining where the issue stemmed from. After checking all the outside taps, then the inside ones, for leaks (having found a small one in the laundry) he then went into the roof space to check the hot water storage tank, where he found the problem. I am a happy customer