It starts with our expert design advice – we can talk through the different options, including which cladding will best suit the style of your house ensuring everything is completed on time and on budget.

How our renovation process works

1. Initial

The first thing your renovation specialist will want to know is what it is that you want to achieve through your home renovation. In this initial consultation, you can throw all of your ideas on the table – your specialist will then tailor them to your property and budget.

2. Costing &

Drawings will be developed. These will take into account the engineering, structural, design and aesthetic decisions you have made. If you would like to make any further changes, now is the time to do so. From there, your specialist will present you with a quote or extimate.

3. Construction

Witness your project transition from the page to your property! Every aspect of the build will be managed for you, allowing you to carry on with your everyday life. Your specialist will do everything in their power to keep your project on schedule so that it can be completed within a set timeframe and budget.

4. Your Finished

The final stage. Your Project Manager will walk you through your finished project to make sure you are 100% satisfied with the result! Then you sign-off the work and enjoy your the new addition to your home.

House re-cladding services Nelson

As any real estate expert will tell you, first impressions count. A tired exterior significantly lowers the value of a house, even though the interior and location might be very appealing.

That’s why many homeowners choose to re-clad or repaint their home to modernise and add value.

Weatherboard replacement & repair

There are some other benefits to re-cladding. While the cladding is off, you have the opportunity to address other aspects of a renovation (such as insulation, wiring, plumbing etc.) in a much more cost-effective way.

In fact, the savings you make on these upgrades can go a long way towards covering the cost of re-cladding.