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Fast, Friendly & Reliable Nelson Electricians.

Fully qualified and licensed with over 10+ years of experience each. Our first-class Nelson electricians know how to get it done right! Book a visit today.

Nelson Electricians nelson electrician

Urgent electrical repairs

Nelson Electricians nelson electrician

New installations or re-wiring

Nelson Electricians nelson electrician

Internal and external lighting

Nelson Electricians nelson electrician

Audiovisual installation

Nelson Electricians nelson electrician

Powerpoint replacements

Nelson Electricians nelson electrician

Hot water cylinder servicing

Top Rated Nelson Electricians

Our electrical service is not measured by how small or big the projects we can do. Our service is measured by how we strive to bring top-notch services to all our customers. Because our customers deserve the best, we make sure that we have only the most skilled technicians and engineers.

Nelson Electricians nelson electrician

Reliable Nelson Electricians

Working with your local electrician means a faster response time, give us a call today for any immediate repairs or problems.

Nelson Electricians nelson electrician

10+ Years Electrical Experience

If you have a faulty electrical system or seen a sign of a possible wiring problem, have it checked by your friendly electricians.

Nelson Electricians nelson electrician

Fully Licensed Local Electricians

Our credentials match up to all industry standards, meaning that our work is certified and regulated to the highest quality New Zealand guidelines.

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Fast, Reliable & On-Time
Nelson Electricians

Our excellent Nelson electricians are fully qualified and licensed with over 10 years of experience each. We have established a great reputation in Nelson and Tasman thanks to our expert team and outstanding electrical service.

Nelson electrician

Nelson electricians for house re-wiring

Whether it’s to reduce the risk of fire, increase the reliability of your electrical services, keep your insurance company happy, or you’ve enlarged your home and you need extra wiring installed, our electrical team can easily get you sorted.

Lighting electrician nelson

Experts in domestic LED lighting

With rising power costs you’re wanting energy efficient and climate-friendly lighting. LEDs can use up to 85% less electricity than an incandescent bulb. You will have a choice of ‘warm white’ or ‘cool white’ bulbs and we recommend ‘warm white’ as a more comfortable light, suitable for homes.

Emergency repairs electrician

Experienced in maintenance & repairs

Fully 50% of our electrical work is for repairs and maintenance, and our staff are qualified and experienced for both domestic and commercial electrical work. Whether it’s a faulty switchboard, power points and switches not working, or something else, you can be sure we’ve dealt with it before.

Hot water cylinder electrician

Repair or installs of hot water cylinders

Most often when your cylinder isn’t putting out hot water, it’s an electrical problem, and we are able to replace the heating element or replace the thermostat – or both. If however, you touch the pipe coming out of the top of your cylinder and it’s still hot, then we need to send you a plumber instead.

After hours electrician

Nelson electricians for ‘after-hours calls’

Our electricians offer an after-hours callout fee – yes, there’s a call out charge but we try and keep it as affordable as possible and we think ours is the cheapest in town.

Nelson Electricians nelson electrician

Outdoor lighting & spas

We frequently install outdoor power points for the spa or hot tub you’ve just bought, and installation of outdoor lighting and motion sensors is also a common request.

Nick the electrician has been involved in a number of my projects. A rebuild of our heritage home as well as upgrades, maintenance and compliance work to Healthy Homes Standards as prescribed by MBIE on the rental properties I manage. Nick is always punctual and courteous. He’s great at listening and using his problem solving and technical expertise to help me get the job done, whatever the situation.

Gloria Lines

Call a Nelson electrician if your hot water cylinder has just stopped working

Another favourite in these more ecologically-aware times is the installation of solar hot water heating, and the retrofitting of LED lighting in houses and commercial buildings – more efficient (and a nice surprise when the power bill arrives) plus they produce way less heat.

All of our electricians are Registered Nelson Electricians with several decades of experience.

Our lead electrician is Nick who has worked on large commercial and industrial projects as well as domestic work.

As a capable, all-round sparkie, he has the skills and experience for a wide range of work. He is joined by Adrian and Phil – also very experienced sparkies.


I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the fantastic service from your sparky Phil. It genuinely was the best tradie experience I’ve ever had. Everything that was important to me was taken care of; He was on time, honest and friendly, happy to explain everything, and he cleaned up! The whole process was completely stress-free for me. I will definitely be recommending you guys to everyone I know.

Georgie Kerby

Nelson Electricians FAQs

Generally, it is the heating element and/or the thermostat that has failed.

That’s an electrician’s job. If it’s the element, it normally takes between one to two hours to drain the cylinder, replace the element, and refill the cylinder.

At the same time, the electrician will test the thermostat to make sure it’s functioning properly.

All our visits have a minimum charge of one hour – by the time our electrician has driven to your property, got his tools and parts from the van, done the job and packed up again, it’s an hour that we don’t have him available for another customer.

However, if the job is a quick one, we suggest you get him to attend to, on the same visit, any other electrical jobs you may have been saving for a while.

Yes, each of our Nelson electricians is licensed by the NZ Electrical Workers Board. We do not employ apprentices or unlicensed electricians.

LED lights give more pure, bright lumens of light. The light fittings colour can be changed for every application – e.g. warm white, cool white, and daylight white.

The LED light uses less electricity and they are more energy-efficient than Halogen globes.

They also have a very low heat-generating capacity, therefore a lower overheating fire risk.

If the wiring is old, not only is it a requirement of your insurance company but a great way of avoiding a house fire to have you home fully rewired.

Old wiring has insulation which breaks down over time.

An old fuse board is unlikely to have MCBs (Miniature circuit breakers), or RCDs (Residual current device) present, which are a feature of more modern switchboards.

Yes, it is dangerous for various reasons – the humming sound can be caused by a loose electrical connection which can cause an electrical fire, or it can be caused by an overloaded circuit or MCB (miniature circuit breaker).

If the MCB is faulty, it can also cause nuisance fuse tripping and worst-case scenario, a fire.

It sounds like the specific light circuit is overloaded and/or a faulty MCB is causing the problem.

If overloading is causing the problem, we suggest an additional light circuit be installed, splitting the light circuit and installing an extra MCB.

The ‘fault’ on a new installation is sometimes caused by poor design and planning for the electrical installation, but equally a blown light bulb can cause this.

Check if you can turn on other lights on the same circuit without tripping the fuse.

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