If your gutters are getting clogged with leaves, you run the risk of the overflowing water running into your ceiling from the roof eaves.

In recent times, it would be fine to use a ladder to clean the gutters. Health and Safety requirements pretty much require a roof harness or mobile scaffolding to clean gutters, but that’s expensive.

Now we can clean your gutter with this machine, which has a camera at the top and a viewing screen by the operator’s hands.  Much quicker, a lot safer, and we’ll put the debris in your compost or take it away for you.  No mess!!

The image shows our man Kevin at work on a house in Stoke.

For all our gutter cleaning jobs in July, we are waiving the travel charge – usually $18.50 + gst

To take advantage of this, please do give us a call – 03 545 1007


Bruce and the Trade Central team